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Did you know that a toothache arises due to an infection often caused by tooth decay, a cracked tooth, or periodontal disease? Due to the fact that if bacteria enter the pulp of a tooth, it can lead to tooth death. Thus, it is important to always make sure you look for any signs of toothaches and have your smile treated as soon as possible.

Oftentimes with toothaches, severe pain may begin to arise and cause a downturn in your oral health. Rather than letting a toothache run its course, make sure it is cared for, so further infection does not spread your mouth and lead to further damage to your jaw bone, teeth or surrounding tissues. If you notice any signs of pain after using medications or pain 24 hours after a tooth has been pulled, visit our dentist for a toothache assessment. Other common symptoms of toothaches include oral inflammation, swelling of your face, fever, noticeable discharge or facial rashes that have no other reasonable exclamation.

You are welcome to schedule an appointment with Simon Dental Care for toothache treatments by calling 480-833-0880. Dr. Preethy Jacob Kunthara and our team look forward to having you visit our dental office in Gilbert, Arizona.