Tooth Loss Prevention Tips

Tooth loss can occur if you fail to take good care of your oral health and smile. Unfortunately, there are many things that can cause tooth loss. So, if you’re interested in maintaining a strong and healthy smile as well as keeping your natural teeth for a lifetime, then you... Read more »

Keeping Gum Disease at Bay

Gum disease is very dangerous. In fact, it’s one of the most destructive dental issues there is, in part because it can impact your overall health. Gum disease can infect and harm your gums as well as deteriorate the underlying bone, which can lead to loose and lost teeth. It’s... Read more »

Unlock Your Smile with Dental Sealants

Protecting your smile against the risk of tooth decay can be done with dental sealants. Dental sealants are safe to be applied and can be used at any age whenever molars begin to grow in. If you require additional oral health care prevention of dental erosion and tooth decay, consider... Read more »

The Key to a Great Smile with Tooth Replacements

If you have any missing or lost teeth, it is important to make sure they are replaced as soon as possible. Even a single missing tooth can lead to a severe downturn in your oral health. If left untreated, missing teeth can increase your risk of tooth decay, tooth slippage,... Read more »

Gingival Flap Surgery Might Be Used in the Treatment Plan for Periodontitis

If you regularly struggle to remember to brush your teeth each morning and night, or you are reticent to floss at least once each day, the residual bacterial matter in your mouth could gradually harden into tartar. The presence of this bacterial substance near the gumline is the leading cause... Read more »

Maintaining Dental Hygiene Habits this Holiday

Holiday travel, setting decorations, finding that perfect gift, and going to parties: the holidays aren’t the laidback time they seem to be! As you’re taking the time to enjoy this season, we hope that you continue practicing your oral hygiene routine to maximize the wellbeing of your teeth and gums.... Read more »

Find Out More About Cosmetic Dental Treatments Here

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that offers treatments that can enhance the appearance of your teeth and gums. With the help of cosmetic dentistry, you can achieve the smile of your dreams. Fortunately, there are many treatments available to help you, and our dentist, Dr. Preethy Jacob Kunthara,... Read more »

Eat Light, Clean Right, Smile Bright This Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us! With them come many opportunities for sweets and other goodies. Unfortunately, most of these things are bad news for your teeth. To combat the natural effects of these foods and drinks, remember a couple of things: eat smart; and be consistent in your oral hygiene... Read more »

Is It Possible to Maintain My New White Smile for a Longer Amount of Time?

Your new white smile is beautiful and brilliant, all thanks to the wonderful professional whitening treatment at Simon Dental Care. Sadly, these wonderful results don’t last forever. However, there are things you can do to maintain the results for a longer amount of time. Our dentist, Dr. Preethy Jacob Kunthara,... Read more »

The Basics of Oral Hygiene

Do you ever wonder why your dentist, Dr. Preethy Jacob Kunthara, strongly encourages having an effective and diligent oral hygiene routine? If so, our dental team is more than happy to tell you why! Oral hygiene is vital for a top-notch oral health and a strong smile. This is because... Read more »