At Simon Dental Care, we specialize in restoring smiles to their natural beauty and strength, with dental crowns being one of our key services. Dental crowns are custom-fitted caps placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength and appearance. They are an ideal solution for a variety of dental issues, including protecting a weak tooth from breaking, restoring a broken or worn tooth, covering and supporting a tooth with a large filling, holding a dental bridge in place, or covering misshapen or severely discolored teeth.

When you come to our dentist for a dental crown, the process is straightforward and patient-focused. Initially, we prepare the tooth, which may involve reshaping to allow the crown to fit seamlessly. An impression of your tooth is taken to create a custom-fit crown, usually made from porcelain or ceramic for a natural look. A temporary crown is placed while your permanent crown is being made. Once ready, the permanent crown is carefully fitted, ensuring comfort and a perfect bite alignment.

Benefits of dental crowns include:

  • Enhanced strength and functionality of the tooth
  • Improved appearance and symmetry of your smile
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Protection for damaged or weakened teeth
  • Customized to match your natural tooth color

Invest in the health and appearance of your smile with our dental crowns in Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona. Contact us today at 480-833-0880 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Preethy Jacob Kunthara and take the first step towards a restored, confident smile.