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The holidays are upon us! With them come many opportunities for sweets and other goodies. Unfortunately, most of these things are bad news for your teeth. To combat the natural effects of these foods and drinks, remember a couple of things: eat smart; and be consistent in your oral hygiene routines.

By “eat smart,” we don’t mean “never eat anything fun.” It is simply helpful to understand how to eat treats while minimizing the negative effects on you teeth and gums. For example, when you eat treats, remember not to snack on them throughout the day. Eat a treat, then be done for a while.

Limit the amount of sugary and acidic food products you consume. Sugars feed bacteria that cause tooth decay, and acid can wear away tooth enamel. Both can cause cavities, tooth decay, and other dental emergencies.

An additional consideration: the acids in food and drink make your enamel more sensitive to abrasion. Brushing teeth is an abrasive action and should be avoided right after eating (unless your dentist instructs you to do so). Try chewing a piece of sugarless gum for 20 minutes after eating to stimulate saliva flow, which cleans teeth. Then brush thoroughly, as soon as you can–at least twice a day for 2 minutes each session. Remember to floss once a day, as well.

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